Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instagramic Update

The blog has been quiet here...Mr. YH got two weeks of reconstitution leave and we stopped everything so we could soak him up the entire time!  But it's back to work this week.

Here are a smattering of photos from the past 6-7 months I thought I'd share just for grins and giggles.

 My dad is fairly tall and finally found shirts at a store that fit him.  He has them in every color and never throws them away.  It's rather ridiculous, really, but we love him!  Anyway, I found some tees I liked and bought about 8 in different colors this summer.

Proudly supporting National Donut Day

 School was in session in the living room

Love the notes my youngest leaves for me.

Fun patterned skirt I bought for the summer.

We had a perfect morning at tennis lessons one day.
When it was BG's turn, these two had a blast on the playground.

My kids amuse themselves by engineering contraptions
with cardboard and tape.

Making monkey bread one Saturday morning.

Baby Girl enjoyed VBS so much, she set up her own.

Found these at TJMaxx one day and snatched them up.
  Haven't had them since we were in Holland at Jan and Joke's house. 
 Happy day!

I had extra fabric from making a table runner for BG's last party.
I saw a skirt tutorial on Pinterest and I gave it a whirl.

This little lady went to a birthday party at a local park that has 
an amusement park for kids.  She had a blast!

I always feel like a rock star home school mom when I can fit in a craft.

First movie in a theater for these two.

I won an Breyer's ice cream toppings package from Sandy's blog in July.
I thought I'd use it for my birthday party, but I changed my mind, and besides-
how could I not share with these cute kids!?

Our church hosts a parents' night out monthly.  I was so sad they didn't have this during the summer months while Mr. YH was gone, but you'd better believe I had mine signed up as soon as they started back!  My date that night: my paintbrush.


Ice cream mid-morning...because sometimes it's just that kind of day.

Her first spa party.

This parrot had been a pet at one time.  He flew into the tennis courts one afternoon at lessons and a girl brought him into the clubhouse.  Poor little guy was absolutely pitiful.

My amazing friend took my kids for the day so I could go shopping before Mr. YH came home.  This was the first time I'd been in an American mall at length for years.  I was so stressed out about not wasting a moment, I researched Pinterest and Sheaffer's blog the night before, made a list, and came home successful. And for the record, Amy L., I kept everything. ☺

It's all in the name. 
 I may look back on this as a mid-life crisis moment.

I needed some unmentionables.  I am angry with this company for discontinuing the Tracy.  Why can't they leave a good thing alone?!  Anyway, I learned a few things: (1)lifespan of a b.r.a. is 6-12 months, and (2) I was told to wear it one day and then let it have a day of rest.



{My friend whose husband is deployed said it's sad when her bra gets more days off then she does.}

Home school friends and I took our girls to Pinkalicious.

On the way home, this was seen at the end of the driveway of a local home.

This guy cracks me up when he plays video games.
So thankful for friends who let my kids play so I could wrap up painting.

So proud of my son who wants to be baptized.  We met with the pastor and 
he took the kids upstairs to see the baptistry.

I've been seeing these pillows on flash sale sites and I'm sorry, but $60+ for a pillow is simply not in my budget.  So I made my own for a little fall color in the living room.  The orange is so fun with the aqua blue!

Fresh flowers make me happy!
{morning of Mr. YH's return}

Parents night out conveniently landed the first week Mr. YH was home.
After dinner, he asked me to help update his wardrobe and we went to the mall.
Together. Shopping.

My dishwasher sounds like a weed eater.  While  Mr. YH and The Boy were
purchasing a new one, the girls and I explored the Christmas section.

It's only October...
poor store workers.

We ran out of apple butter, so I had to make a new batch.


  1. How fun! I forgot about the bra sabbath! That is sooo funny! Glad you had some good family time! :)

  2. Loving it! Not sure if you got my message but email me!!!