Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Festival 2013

We attended our church's fall festival last night.
This little one wanted to be a pumpkin, and I was so happy 
to find this top at Wal Mart and the tutu at the dollar store
  so I didn't have to try and sew something!  
{headband from Claire's and tights are Gymboree}

Big Sister wanted to be a scarecrow.
She borrowed a friend's shirt and we got the hat at a local party store
along with a grass skirt we cut up and tied around her appendages.
There is no Boy pictured because he just wanted to be
"a regular boy."

The Toilet Toss
{Do not try this at home, right?!}

The Boy's creation in the blacklight room.

And we have a ton of candy that will last us until Christmas!


  1. Love the costumes! "The boy" is cute too. :)

  2. Great costumes! bg's hair is getting long...cute! :)